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  01. I'm So Happy (Rob Sayer)
  02. I Can March *
  03. Bear Feet (Raina Sayer)
  04. Clipity Clop (Amy Simon)
  05. Rhythm patterns
  06. Six Little Ducks *
  07. Tonal Patterns
08. Riding in My Car Now (Rob Sayer)
  09. Doggie’s Breakfast (A. Ioannides & R. Sayer)
  10. Rhythm Patterns
  11. Cuckoo *
  12. Paw Paw Patch *
  13. Teddy Bear (Rob Sayer)

14. Baby Babble (Rob Sayer)
  15. Simple Gifts *
  16. Fingers (Rob Sayer)
  17. Lua, Lua (Rob Sayer & Raina Sayer)
  18. I Have a Rocket (Raina Sayer)
  19. Little Red Caboose (Deke Moffitt, C. Fischer)
  20. Rhythm Patterns
  21. Pickle Poem (Rob Sayer)
  22. Skip to my Lou *
  23. Triple Up and Down *
  24. A Ram Sam Sam *
  25. Rhythm Patterns
  26. I’m Gonna’ Get Your Nose (Rob Sayer)
  27. Swinging *
  28. Little Joe (Rob Sayer)
  29. Lost My Sneakers *
  30. Tum Balalaika *
  31. Tonal Patterns
  32. I Hear the Doggie Singing *
  33. Grand Old Flag (G. Cohan, arr. C. Sayer)
  34. Tired Eyes
  35. See You Next Time (Rob Sayer)

*Traditional songs adapted by Rob Sayer, Michele Marcus, Raina Sayer

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