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01. I'm So Happy (R. Sayer)
02. Johnny Giraffe (Rob Sayer)
03. Little Puppy (Rob Sayer)

04. Alphabet Song 1
05. Tonal Patterns
06. Minor Jig
07. Camptown Ladies1 (Stephen Foster)
08. Littlest Dog1
09. Rhythm Patterns
10. Giraffe Orchestra (Rob Sayer)
11. Mommy Loves Your Ear (Rob Sayer)
12. Driving My Truck (Rob Sayer)
13. Humpty Dumpty1
14. Rhythm Patterns
15. Carnival (Steffi Miller)
16. Stepping Over Stepping Stones2
17. Tonal Patterns
18. Red River Valley*
19. I Can Be A Giraffe (F & M Hamilton)
20. Little Baby Monkey (Rob Sayer)
21. Teddy Bear1
22. Tonal Patterns
23. Mommy Yak (Rob Sayer)
24. It’s So Fun (Steffi Miller)
25. Made Me a Fiddle1
26. Forever Friends (Rob Sayer)
27. Cool Instruments (Rob Sayer)
28. Rhythm Patterns
29. Can Can* (Offenbach)
30. Five Fat Peas*

31. Rhythm Patterns
32. Duckies Together1
33. If All The Raindrops*
34. Toot Toot Tootsie*
35. Little Esther (Laurie Burlington)
36. See You Next Time (Rob Sayer)

*Traditional songs. 1Traditional songs adapted by Rob Sayer. 2Traditional song adapted by Renee Roscoe-Morrison