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  01. I’m So Happy (Rob Sayer)
02. Ostrich Walk (Rob Sayer)

03. Hey Lolly, Lolly *
  04. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star *
  05. Bunny and The Cabbage *
  06. Rhythm Patterns
  07. Pony Express (Rob Sayer)
  08. Tonal Patterns
  09. Little Baby Duckies (Raina Sayer)
  10. The Four Seasons, Spring (A. Vivaldi)
  11. Animal Fair *
  12. Reaching Song *
13. Olé *
  14. Upon the Breeze (Rob Sayer)
  15. Oats Peas Beans *
  16. Rhythm Patterns
  17. Who Loves You? (Kim Chamberlain)
  18. Rolling Ball (Anna Ayres Smith & Rob Sayer)
  19. Romanian Lullaby *
20. Down by the Riverside *
  21. Pretty Butterfly (Anna Ayres Smith)
  22. Jump *
  23. Jiggle Up and Down (F & M Hamilton)
  24. Bebop Pony (Rob Sayer & Raina Sayer)
  25. Father James Song *
  26. Tonal Patterns
  27. Choo Choo Train is Coming (Amy Simon)
  28. Twenty Froggies (Rob Sayer)
  29. Rhythm Patterns
  30. Klezmer Time (Rob Sayer)
  31. Birthday Party Song * (Sayer & Nelligan)
  32. Alexander’s Ragtime Band (Irving Berlin)
  33. Rock-a-bye Baby *
  34. See You Next Time (Rob Sayer)

*Traditional songs adapted by Rob Sayer, Suzanne Aloisio, and Steffi Miller

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TMC Puppet - Pony
TMC Puppet - Pony
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