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  01. I’m So Happy (R. Sayer)
  02. The Bridge at Avignon *
03. Little Dolphin (Frank and Mary Hamilton)
  04. Train is a-coming *
  05. Tonal Patterns
  06. Riding in the Car *
  07. Bells/Frere Jacques *
  08. Muffin Man *
  09. Tonal Patterns
10. I Don't See Them Anymore (R. & Raina Sayer)
  11. La, La, La *
  12. La Raspa (Mexican Hat Dance) *
  13. Here is the Beehive *
  14. Rhythm Patterns
  15. Triumphal March from Aida (G. Verdi)
  16. Slumber Time *
  17. Sravana *
  18. Five Little Fishies *
  19. Rhythm Patterns
  20. You Can Play Too (Raina Sayer)
  21. Bugs (R. Sayer)
  22. What Shall We Do? *
  23. Song of the Well *
  24. I Like Being a Doggie (R. Sayer)
  25. Rhythm Patterns
  26. Elephants on the Web *
  27. Tonal Patterns
  28. Mole in the Ground *
  29. Summer Medley *
  30. Lullaby from India *
  31. See You Next Time (R. Sayer)

*Traditional songs adapted by Rob Sayer, Michele Marcus, Raina Sayer, Frank Hamilton, Mary Hamilton

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