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01. I’m So Happy (R. Sayer)

02. I Like to Jump So High *

03. Hear the Lively Songs *

04. Mommy Train (R. Sayer)

05. I Have a Doll *

06. Rhythm Patterns

07. I’m Going to the Zoo *

08. Flying in Circles (R. Sayer)

09. Sing and Play (R. Sayer)

10. Tonal Patterns

11. Hot Hot Hot Hot (R. Sayer)

12. Rhythm Patterns

13. Three Little Ducks *

14. La, La, La *

15. Dumbeck (F.& M. Hamilton)

16. Golden Slumbers *

17. Señor El Coqui (F.& M. Hamilton)

18. Bed in Summer (R. L. Stevenson)

19 The Noble Duke of York *

20. Looby Loo *

21. Tonal Patterns

22. When We’re Drawing Together (F. & M. Hamilton)

23. Lizard Blues (Raina Sayer)

24. It Rained a Mist *

25. Tonal Patterns

26. Fooffti Fu *

27. This Little Cow *

28. Rhythm Patterns

29. When the Saints Go Marching In

30. Go To Sleep (A. Dvorak)

31. See You Next Time (R.Sayer)

* Traditional songs adapted by Rob Sayer, Michele Marcus, Raina Sayer