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01. I'm So Happy (R. Sayer)

02. Zumba *

03. Little Liza Jane *

04. A Lion (R. Sayer)

05. Shananana (R. Sayer)

06. Hop, Old Squirrel *

07. Rhythm Patterns

08. Little Duck Waltz (J. Strauss) *

09. Tonal Patterns

10. Go Very, Very Slowly (Raina Sayer)

11. This Old Man *

12. Laughing Song *

13. Chirri Bim *

14. Tonal Patterns

15. Grant’s Farm (R. Sayer & Raina Sayer)

16. Leaves *

17. Mary Had a Little Lamb *

18. Ally Bally *

19. Jungle Cat (Frank & Mary Hamilton)

20. Row, Row, Row Your Boat *

21. Tonal Patterns

22. When the Train Comes Along *

23. See My Pony *

24. Rhythm Patterns

25. Kye Kye Kule *

26. The Old Grey Cat *

27. The Fiddling Cobbler *

28. Brush a Brush (Terri Geeza & R. Sayer)

29. Down at the Mall *

30. Fall Breezes (Raina Sayer)

31. Alice the Camel *

32. Rhythm Patterns

33. Tiger Rag (arr. Cynthia Sayer)

34. Twinkling (Steffi Miller)

35. See You Next Time (R. Sayer)

*Traditional songs adapted by Rob Sayer, Michele Marcus, Raina Sayer, Frank Hamilton, Mary Hamilton, & Jennifer Lathrop

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